Boosting Efficiency

How On Call Practice Transformed a Surgery Center's Operations and Set the Stage for Sustainable Expansion

The Challenge

Transforming Efficiency: A Case Study of an East Coast Surgery Center

Facing escalating costs, administrative burdens, and outdated communication systems, an East Coast surgery center sought a transformative solution. Partnering with On Call Practice, renowned for optimized communication services, they found a comprehensive approach that streamlined operations without overwhelming their infrastructure or staff.

Streamlined Operations, Lowered Costs On Call Practice identified inefficiencies and implemented process optimizations, reducing administrative costs, improving workflow efficiency, and eliminating redundancies. Operational expenses decreased while maintaining high-quality patient care.

Modernized Communication for Collaboration On Call Practice upgraded the surgery center's communication systems, fostering seamless collaboration among healthcare professionals. Enhanced communication efficiency resulted in improved patient outcomes and a more cohesive healthcare team.


Enhanced Staff Productivity (Boost)


Cost Savings


Increase in Service Capacity


Reduced Communication Errors (Decrease)

The Solution

On Call Practice: Revolutionizing Operations for Enhanced Healthcare Efficiency

Significant Cost Saving

  • On Call Practice achieved a remarkable 73.6% reduction in costs, resulting in $147,200.00 in annual savings for the surgery center in targeted areas.
  • By optimizing various aspects such as staffing, telecommunication systems, office and IT equipment, and leasing space, On Call Practice streamlined operations and reduced overhead expenses.
  • The elimination of unnecessary costs allowed the surgery center to focus more on their core mission of providing exceptional patient care.

Streamlined Benefits

  • The surgery center experienced a multitude of benefits from the optimized communication setup.
  • The elimination of overhead costs related to staffing, IT equipment, and office equipment relieved administrative burdens, enabling a stronger focus on patient care.
  • The streamlined operations allowed the center to improve efficiency, enhance workflow, and provide a more seamless experience for patients.

Scalability and Flexibility

  • On Call Practice's streamlined infrastructure provided the surgery center with the ability to swiftly scale their operations as needed.
  • The flexible setup empowered the center to adapt to fluctuating circumstances and seize growth opportunities that were previously out of reach.
  • This adaptability allowed the surgery center to meet increasing demands and ensure the efficient delivery of healthcare services.

Security and Support

  • On Call Practice fortified their value proposition by prioritizing security and support.
  • The surgery center enjoyed secure networks and tamper-proof phone lines using trusted platforms like Amazon, Microsoft, and On Call's proprietary systems.
  • This ensured the confidentiality of patient data, providing peace of mind to both the surgery center and its patients.
  • Comprehensive support was provided through On Call Practice's dedicated On Call Management Staff, offering expertise and efficient management of incoming calls to enhance the overall patient experience.

“On Call Practice's comprehensive package resulted in a remarkable 73.6% cost reduction and allowed us to focus more on patient care.”

“The flexibility and scalability provided by On Call Practice's solution have empowered us to deliver efficient healthcare services.”

“With On Call Practice, we experienced a 28% increase in operational efficiency and a streamlined communication setup.”

“On Call Practice's strategies and solutions led to a remarkable 58% increase in revenue generation for our surgery center.”

The Results

Unlocking Operational Excellence: The Transformative Power of On Call Practice's Solutions

The transformation story of an East Coast surgery center serves as a powerful testament to the remarkable impact of On Call Practice's solutions. Through the implementation of an optimized communication setup, the surgery center achieved significant cost savings, streamlined operations, and set the stage for scalable growth.

This success story serves as an inspiration for healthcare providers nationwide, highlighting the importance of embracing innovative strategies, leveraging technology, and partnering with forward-thinking companies like On Call Practice. In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, surgical centers must proactively explore optimization opportunities to unlock their full potential, foster operational excellence, and deliver exceptional patient care with confidence, efficiency, and financial stability.

  • Healthcare Efficiency Boosted
  • Cost Savings Achieved
  • Technology Partnership Success
  • Operational Excellence Unlocked

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